Sunday, December 10, 2017

short story slam week 79, poetry and story inn fridays week 10, christmas special

poetry and story innFridays Merry Chriastmas Special  

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short story slam week 79: December 14, 2017 ---January 2, 2018.... 

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incredible China Rose
the food is hot, spicy, and original
when Justin, Tammy, Kimber, and Guanli eat
they all smile,
like a Queen

Melania Trump
she is a princess
when Donald Trumo woos her with a Diamond ring
the world falls Snowflakes
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China rose
3501 North Arnoult Road
Metarie, LA 70002

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday Sentiments

when I try to remember someone
I often fall short remaining an individual,
if you know Dr. Seuss,
you know The Cat and the Pat in a Bat

I try to know David Boren, John Clinton, Jason Grife,
I often ignore Stephan Wilson, Gerald Clancy, Mary Fallin,
if Joseph Justin Fallin, Christina Fallin, Laynie Henry feel good,
so do Mary Clancy, Joseph Clancy, Sam Clancy, Alison Wu

I walk,
empty hands,
forgive me

life is a dot greenwood
I get lost in sun shaded roads
not knowing Lucinda Southworth, but hearing Julie Cohen and lone wolf

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


desired smiles
pure blue lights
when snow falls
the smiles go chili

short story slam week 77, poetry and story inn fridays week 7

kirk schmidt
he writes about buffalo, new york
doug ferguson
he has interests in musical orchestra
when taylor Eldridge and molly jane come in
they sing chores and holly songs

Monday, October 30, 2017

poetry and fame cans

Early life and education[edit]

Galway was born in East Belfast near the Belfast docks as one of two brothers. His father, who played the flute, was employed at the Harland and Wolff shipyard until the end of World War II and spent night-shifts cleaning buses after the war, while his mother, a pianist, was a winder in a flax-spinning mill. Surrounded by a tradition of flute bands and many friends and family members who played the instrument, he was taught the flute by his uncle at the age of nine and joined his Fife and drum corps; at the age of eleven he won the junior, senior and open Belfast flute Championships in a single day. His first instrument was a five-key Irish flute, and at the age of twelve or thirteen, he received a Boehm instrument. He left school at the age of fourteen and worked as an apprentice to a piano repairer for two years.[3][4][5]
He subsequently went to London to study the flute at the Royal College of Music under John Francis and then at the Guildhall School of Music under Geoffrey Gilbert. He then studied at the Paris Conservatoire under Gaston Crunelle and Jean-Pierre Rampal and also privately with Marcel Moyse.[citation needed]


After his education he spent fifteen years as an orchestral player.[6]
He has played with Sadler's Wells OperaCovent Garden Opera, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.[6] He auditioned for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Herbert von Karajan, and was principal flute of that orchestra from 1969 to 1975. To Karajan's surprise and dismay, after a period of some disagreement, Galway decided that he would leave to pursue a solo career.[7][page needed]
In addition to his performances of the standard classical repertoire, he features contemporary music in his programmes, including new flute works commissioned by and for him by composers including David AmramMalcolm ArnoldWilliam BolcomJohn CoriglianoJohn Wolf Brennan, Dave Heath, Lowell Liebermann and Joaquín Rodrigo. The album James Galway and The Chieftains in Ireland by Galway and The Chieftains reached number 32 in the UK Albums Chart in 1987.[8]

tyneeha rivers

kate costello

charles parish

metairie vetenrians

ji yan, a faculty at ohio state university

Thursday, October 19, 2017

what we do to fulfill

you could sail away
in a moment of doubt

wordpress free
blogger free
worry free
live free

New Orleans, she is pretty
Atlanta, she is tough
Annapolis, she is witty
Helena, she is romantic

places greet
people help
Octivia, Nashville, Webster, Rosa, State, Broadway,
all roads are open plate for us to walk and drive

God is great
so does Fatima
James Edgar is sweet
so does John Nicklow and Michael Fitts

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

very profound places and super promising talents

today I google myself up
finding myself in Miami
and I begin to grin
ear to ear
for my huge freedom

when i type a few words
they tickle me with agreement
wow, what fun it is to ride on a poetry wagon
and carry your story books all over the world

say yes to these,
they are Bismarck, Phoenix, Las Vegas,
they are Bolder, Denver, Boise, Portland,
they could be Cleverland, Lincoln, Pierre,

so, we do try harder,
hearing Topeka, Des Moines, Raleigh, Montgomery,
reminding friends to write themselves out, aloud,
doing travels from Santa Fe, Saint Paul, Cheyenne,

i stop at Salt Lake city
feeling sweet
cold weather hits
I feel the icy bone inside despite the good green trees at Carson City