Monday, April 24, 2017

profound technology around us

while John Harvard fools around in boston
We have Mick Cornett, Jay Nixon, and Michael Pence
rotting beers from Wisconsin

Samuel Smith could cry hard
unless Mantinique Davis, Wegner Rotunda, Jim Bitterman, and B. A. Perham
go to Burbank for Casinos

my words grow blur
since Ralph Gillespie, S. A. Kimbrough, Shelly O'Quinn, and Henry Owen place a mat
in Tuck Clarry's kitchen

Tom and Jiahong, Hong Kong

New York Central Park
Tao lizheng, Jiahong Wu, Zhang qi, riverside botantic garden, california, university of california,

Image result for kazuo yamazaki  kazuo yamazaki, rochester, university of rochester,

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Image result for hu haiqing  hu jintao and liu yongqing

Denver, Spokane, Pullman, Tulsa, Oklahoma city, New Orleans, and Ontario reflection

Image result for the denver post

a newspaper run by John Frank, Jon Murray, Emily Steele, Amy Long

Image result for visit spokane
kay spinning, Dan Gonzalez, Chandele Harding, and Ethan K work and support Spokane

Image result for colorado spring magazine

Image result for nendels food  nendels dining run by  Jenna Bush, Barbara Park, and Henry Hager

snake river
waters rush through
not sure how to pull through a current
James Short decides to use a boat
the mountain is high
the trees are green
Judy McDonald joins a crew,
backing up Dave Johnson, Jalisa Bond-Nash, and Megan Fertakis,
they work night shifts and day shifts
helping seashore folks with Texas Toasts, French fries, and KFC fried chicken,
we happen to visit Denver,
we happen to know Ethan K, Susan Estrich, Albert Contreras, and Birch Barley,
we sail along,
we sing hopeful music,
we attend Bould Music Orchestra,
we learn from Wu Sique, Wang Yong, Wu Di, Amelia Zhen, Yo Yo Ma, Sheng Wu, Amelia Wilson,
we are served and agreeed,
we see construction on Stadium Way,
Elson Floyd, Julie Johnson, Lauren Johnson, Larry Myn, Mark Kot, Jim Cassidy,Alisyn Comerota,
they all volunteer,
they post humor and wisdom
under Peter Jennings, Anderson Cooper, Eliza Reichner, Megan Fertakis, Kayla Duvall,

when one of you hear Donald Trump,
you think of Melania Trump, Barron Trump, Tiffany Trump, Joseph Clancy, Paula Clancy,
when you believe that you shall agree with Howard Johnson,
or post appreciation of Southwest Air, United Air,
you must know that Jay Heinrich, Chandele Harding, Lindsay Chamber, and Alison Wu all good

Image result for nendels food  snow pea

Image result for nendels food  strawberry
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Image result for alisyn camerota  alisyn comerota and tony powell

Thursday, April 13, 2017

weekly writing on stories and poetry, poetry rally week 84, Brocoli, Potaoes, and Mushrooms

Whirligig 107


THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "At the Bomb Testing Site" by William E. Stafford: noon, stone, scene, waited, desert, flute, farther, hard, panting, without, elbows, could 

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh)  

brocolli and google lilipops,
anne wojcicki and lucinda page compete
while alison schmidt and alex park learn about Chess

William E. Stafford word puzzle
Noon and Moon at middle east, thinking of
Syria, Iran, Chad, Spain, and Greece

we know our backbones and fossil
by David Wright and by John Wolf,
waited, salted, cooked, hard boilded eggs impress

deserting Illinios and Alan, Goce, Hasty, Tony, and Morton,
Emily and Julie come to Hobart to rest,
shading calm sea over bay of San Francisco

Farther and closer
flute of Jenna bush rings over stonebridge 
Jennifer Stone and Wendy James write a formula for freshman Scott Larson

elbows and potato chips
mushrooms adore lady bug  Gloria Vanderbilt
charming prince Steven Pence and Lucas Wood could win without Alicia and Mimi

Image result for broccoli 
brocolli chucks

Image result for potatoes

Image result for mushrooms


Administration [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 

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 Monday Mellow Yellows
 Image result for google and lollipops   

Image result for google and lollipops   anjali pichai, first lady to google