Thursday, February 2, 2017

short story slam week 62, how things work and how tide shifts

last year
we hear Baracko Obama and Jill Tracy Biden stories

this year
we are pushed to Michael Pence and Eric Trump shore

the season is raw
the language is tough

from Marywood to Georiga Technology,
from Mountain View to Washington D. C.

we look sideways
finding David Schner, Tim Dowd, Joel Bunde, Peter Walterspiel doing Warwick

while Hyatt Place cooks hot coffee,
we brew relational beers from Yanjing beer to Tsingdao beer

singing voice rises
Robert Noyce and Chuck Reed love Edmund Brown and Jerry Wu

so, how about raining praise to Fu Xuancong, Hu Jun, and Dai Bingguo?
go, Jinan University and University of California at Riverside

let's sit, listing our friends here,
Mark Hoplamazian, Lin Rupeng, Rabah Abusbalton, Maryam Banikarin, and Patrick Grismer

wow, loud scream for Louis Thomas chin,
what a joy to know Bill de Blasio, Thomas Willett, Xing Xiangdong, Li Weimiao, Cai qing!

Canton tower, Crimson tower, green ham tower, RYans tower,
they catch up with Trump Hotel and Price tower

we pray for Cheng Guobing, Sheri Melcher, Ann Bolandchase, Shawn Kelly, Linn McDonald

come on,
Stephanice Wise, Christina Wilson, Jonathan Willfred Wilson, Donald John Trump

more people stand up,
speaking up for Thomas Kent, Madeline Pickens, Boone Pickens, Craig Johnson, Jeff Attick

later night restlessness
Melania Trump agress to sit, backing up Wang Mingfa and Wang Min

only 10 minutes left,
we type Kayla Troast, Josh Carey, Amberly Warner, Sarah Yeust, Larry Hahn, and Kelly Shaffer

Marywood and Standford,
Harvard and Yale,

please remain calm
we love Meng Lijun and Deng Lijun, also adding Yan Ji movie and Emily Krajicek poetry to it

sing, Ari Wood and John Mabee
dance, Alissa Schapiro and Patrick Baldan, jon Barzensky, Christine Black, Cylvia Smith,

chinses, hong kong, and italians,
they refuse to give in but looking forward to Gao Qian, Colby Smith, Hong Miao, Craig Welsh

the plain buns from Wuzi university and Nankai University is popular
thanks to the chefs from Beijing, Chaoyang, Handian, Xicheng, Fangshan, Fengtai, and Tongzhou

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Image result for warwick hotel