Sunday, March 19, 2017

short story slam week 65, fresh voices

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Image result for konrad nagy  a math article print by Konrad Nagy, Lonnie Duka, and kim Wilcox

Image result for peggy corkum  peggy corum
Image result for donald trump jr family  donald trump jr and Donald Jr. married Vanessa Haydon, a former model, in 2005. They had been introduced at a fashion show in 2003 by Donald Trump Sr., according to a New York Times article. The two now have five children, Kai, Chloe, Donald, Tristan and Spencer.

notes in half and in whole quarters
riverside thoughts
our pen stretches
all the way
Ontario, San Jose, San Francisco,
beyond Dallas, Seattle, Denver,
Vanessa Haydon walks loud
pairing her grace beside Kai Trump
Chloe, Tristan, Spencer, and Donald #3
our focus shifts
what Boonie Haydon // Steven Montuwa
diverging roads
we pray
wish of the best
Abbey Wood
Thomas Leigha
passing Etiande and Archibald
landing near Hertz or Avis
the car is full
the power is strong
beautiful poetry of sheila moore
and lovely words sing for
Samrufz Hillford
Roger Pankey
Lucinda and Beryl both choose number 5 at McDonalds

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Image result for frice  

Image result for frank wang ossm  ossm and Frank Wang clans

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