Monday, April 24, 2017

profound technology around us

while John Harvard fools around in boston
We have Mick Cornett, Jay Nixon, and Michael Pence
rotting beers from Wisconsin

Samuel Smith could cry hard
unless Mantinique Davis, Wegner Rotunda, Jim Bitterman, and B. A. Perham
go to Burbank for Casinos

my words grow blur
since Ralph Gillespie, S. A. Kimbrough, Shelly O'Quinn, and Henry Owen place a mat
in Tuck Clarry's kitchen

Tom and Jiahong, Hong Kong

New York Central Park
Tao lizheng, Jiahong Wu, Zhang qi, riverside botantic garden, california, university of california,

Image result for kazuo yamazaki  kazuo yamazaki, rochester, university of rochester,

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Image result for hu haiqing  hu jintao and liu yongqing