Monday, August 14, 2017

short story slam week 73, Sorem style and Wilson fasion

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   matthew donahue

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interesting stuff today
Jimmy's egg is cracked broken
a spill liters the town hall

Charles Katzenmeyer writes purple flag
Dennis Reilley, Cindy Reilley, Ross and Billie McKnight back up basketball games
Donald Reynolds, Johnston Murphy, Doyle Williams, Benson Baty, they sell salted water

a text sent to Terry Coats,
James and Casey both dance Wilson-Short Washington steps
we call hard, trying to impress Amy Schachle, Allyson Eskitch, and Lisa Rowe

never mind the disagreement in frown brows
never mind James Sorem's watchful eyes,
do drive, eat, and laugh

if Murphy Aqie and Susan Goldman-Moore won't mind supporting Abbey Wood,
Tom L. Wu and Emily Wang, including Bing Cheng, Grace Lu, they opt for peace
and do good deeds to Ryan Lane, Joshua Mabee, Michelle Hendrickson

a good name here,  jim sorem, james mccormick, james kingfisher, michael mosher
Tom Arnold, Allyson Eskitch, Tyrrell Conway, Marianne Blair, tom ososkie,
Laura Hockett, Matt Donahue, Peyton Cook, William Potter, ana trujano

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